The Possibility Engine

Map social systems.
Strengthen human relationships.
Explore the possibilities.

The Possibility Engine is a powerful new tool for social systems research. Use it to map your program, organization, or system to understand the big picture. Then dive deep to analyze human relationships at the individual, group and systemic level. Based on rich human data mapped in real-time, find the strongest pathways to social impact.

Big Picture

Map the physical and social terrain of your system. Identify stakeholders, environmental features, logistical challenges, socio-economic conditions, and other elements.

Connect the Dots

See how your stakeholders interact with environmental features, with each other, and with you. Turn your data into a working model to demonstrate your theory of change.


Include multiple perspectives on a complex system to understand and analyze collective impact. Zoom in for individual perspectives and zoom out for the collective understanding.


The real-time mapping interface powers collaborative mapping in groups across time zones and geography and validates understanding for more reliable data.


The goal setting feature allows users to explore what-if scenarios and visualize potential impacts, setting the stage for pragmatic discussions and focused decision-making.

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